Möchten Sie einem Menschen in Nepal helfen?


All diese Kinder leben in Kathmandu, Nepal und warten auf Ihre Unterstützung: Wenn Sie einem dieser Kinder helfen möchten, dann nehmen Sie bitte so schnell wie Möglich Kontakt zu uns auf. (Nähere Informationen zu einer Patenschaft)


Chandrakala Raya

The parents of Chandrakala are fortunate because they have a regular income as weavers in a carpet factory. They are paid according to the size and complexity of the carpet they weave. They are both hardworking but the money they earn each month - after paying the rent of their room without running water or electricity - is only enough to provide the family with the basic necessities of food, clothes, cooking fuel and so on. The three children are enrolled in a local school and although their parents are committed to providing them with an education - they are unable to pay the admission and monthly tuition fees, provide books, stationary, uniforms and so on for all three children. The family is presently receiving help from the Emergency Fund of the Association. Chandrakala is a good student, to secure her education and earn a brighter future for herself and her family she needs a sponsor.


Indra Tamang

The father of Indra is a cleaner in a local church and his mother is a servant in a house where she washes dishes and clothes. Even though the parents of Indra are hard working, they find it difficult to provide even the basic necessities for their family. After paying the rent of their single room, without electricity or running water, and providing fuel for cooking, food and clothes - the parents are unable to finance the education of their three children. More than half the monthly income is needed just to pay the rent, leaving the family with a small amount of money to live on. The parents are unable to pay for Indra the school enrollment fee, monthly tuition fees, uniform, stationary, books and so on. Indra is currently studying in class 3 but unfortunately he has lost his sponsor. For his age, Indra is already behind with his studies. Without the help of a new sponsor Indra will be unable to attend school and will lose any chance he has of earning a better future for hirnself and his family.


Sherab Dorje Lama

Sherab is attending UKG thanks to our Emergency Fund at the moment but should be enrolled into school as soon as possible. However his parents are unable to cover the enrolment fees, monthly tuition fees as well as provide uniform, books, stationary and so on. To give Sherab the chance of a better future, he needs someone who can, help his parents pay for his education in the coming years.